Edit Lock One or More Regions - Pro Tools


Lock separate regions/clips in a track to prevent them from being accidentally edited. Edit locking also prevents a region/clip from being moved on the time line.

The Pro Tools Reference guide defines a region as "a segment of audio, MIDI, or video data. A region could be a drum loop, a guitar riff, a verse of a song, a recording take, a sound effect, some dialog, or an entire sound file."

To Edit Lock one or more regions:

  • Enable "Commands keyboard Focus" by clicking on the a/z button in the upper right corner of the Pro Tools Edit window.

Track Showing Multiple Regions in Pro Tools

  • Select the regions/clips you want to time lock. You can select regions/clips on one or multiple tracks.
  • To select one or more regions on a track:
    • Left click and hold down the left mouse button in the upper half of the track at the point you want to begin your selection.
    • Drag the mouse cursor over the region or regions you want to select.
    • Release your left mouse button when you've finished your selection.
  • To select an entire track and all it's regions:
    • Left click in the upper half of the track.
    • Press and hold down the Ctrl key then the a (A) key on your keyboard.
  • Press and hold down the Ctrl + the letter l (L) keys.

All Edit Locked regions/clips will show a small closed lock in the bottom left hand corner. (see image below)

Track Showing Multiple Time Locked Regions in Pro Tools

To unlock a Edit Locked region or regions:

  • Select the regions you want to unlock.
  • Press and hold down the Ctrl + the letter l (L) keys.

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