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Partition A Computer Hard Drive

I'm using Windows 7 for this tutorial. The process is the same in Windows Vista and Windows 8. Let's partition a computer hard drive. Open "Disk Management":

Windows 7 and Vista users need to left click:

  1. the Windows Start button then
  2. "Control Panel" next
  3. "Administrative Tools"
  4. double left click "Computer Management"
  5. left click on "Disk Management" (left hand side)
  1. left click the Windows Start button
  2. type diskmgmt.msc into the search box
  3. left click diskmgmt.msc at the top of the menu
Windows 8 users
  1. press Windows + X
  2. select "Disk Management" from the "Quick Access" menu
Once Disk Management opens:
  • Right click in the center of the area designated as the (C:) drive. (see image below)
  • Left click on the words "Shrink Volume" on the menu.

"Querying Shrink Space" will appear while Windows determines how much the (C:) drive can be reduced or shrunk. See the image below.

Once the query has finished Windows will display various parameters of the (C:) drive (see image below). For this tutorial we will create a partition of 80 gigabytes to hold the Windows operating system. This will allow additional room for future increased storage needs. Your computers operating system partition space requirements will increase over time from the automatic addition of Windows security and application updates. New software you install will also require additional space. Storage space requirements also increase over time as new system "Restore Points" are created by you or automatically by the operating system. The remaining space on the hard drive can be used to store files.

The results from the volume query are indicated in megabytes. To convert these numbers into gigabytes divide by 1024. There are 1024 megabytes in 1 gigabyte. Remember we want an 80 gigabyte partition (80 x 1024MB = 81920MB) to hold the Windows operating system.

Now it's time for some basic math. I'm including the numbers we need for this tutorial. You can insert your own numbers as needed.

  1. Begin with the number in "Total size before shrink in MB:" (835313).
  2. Subtract the the size of the partition you require (80 gigabytes = 80 x 1024 = 81920).
  3. Enter that number (the difference) in the box labeled "Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB:" (753393)
  • Enter 755313 into the box labeled "Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB:".
  • Left click on the "Shrink" button. (see image below)

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