Avid's Pro Tools

Most of the Pro Tools related information I've posted is geared toward people who are beginning to use Avid's Pro Tools.

All of the Pro Tools specific information featured on this web site is written for PC users. All Tips, Quick Starts, Tutorials and Video Tutorials & Notes are also listed alphabetically on my sitemap page.

These are generally brief, usually 1 to 3 steps or sentences related to using Avid's Pro Tools. Begin to read my Pro Tools tips...
Quick Starts
The "Quick Starts" I've written are usually one half to one page "getting started", "how-tos" geared toward using Avid's Pro Tools. Begin to read my Pro Tools Quick Starts...
Tutorials I created that describe how to perform various tasks or processes using Avid's Pro Tools. Often about one page in length. Begin to read my Pro Tools tutorials...
Video Tutorials & Notes
Notes I've taken from video tutorials created by other people. I've included the original video you can watch and my notes. The notes are not verbatim transcriptions though fairly close to the original.

I may include short explanations, comments or links to further information on topics discussed in the original video tutorial. I sometimes include short "how to" information to help people get started with some of the processes described in the video.

Begin to view Pro Tools videos that include my written notes and tips...

Need some FREE tracks to practice mixing?

  1. Go to the Telefunken web site. Telefunken also has a nice line of products you may want to check out while your there.
  2. Hover your mouse over "AUDIO & VIDEO" then "MULTITRACKS" at the top of the page.
  3. Left click on any "LIVE FROM THE LAB" or "MULTITRACKS" link to find FREE tracks to download and mix.

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