Friday, August 28, 2020

Drums - Parallel Compression - Entire Drum Mix

Video Created by JOEL CAMERON - Transcribed by TOM BOWSER

In this tutorial we are going to parallel process the entire drum mix. We are going to layer in parallel a compressed version of the entire drum mix over an uncompressed version of the entire drum mix. Parallel compression can give the drums more body, sustain and authority to help them compete with the less transient, sustaining sounds (electric guitars for example) in the mix (especially a dense mix).

This tutorial is demonstrating the use of the Compressor/Limiter Dyn 3 included with Pro Tools. The concepts/basics of what is covered would be applicable to any brand of compressor/limiter.

NOTE: I usually send all drums to an unused stereo bus which is then routed to a stereo aux channel/trackr which is then finally routed/output to the main stereo mix.

  • Create a new stereo aux track (Ctrl > SHIFT > n). Name the track "DComp" (Drum Compression).
  • Lower the level of the Dcomp fader all the way (to infinity oo)
  • In the I/O section of the new aux track: choose the same bus as it's input that is used to route the drums to the main stereo bus (probably named DRUMS if I named it).
  • In the I/O section of the new aux track: Verify the output of the track is set to the main stereo output (Out 1-2).
  • Instantiate a Compressor / Limiter on both the main stereo drum bus and the new stereo aux track DComp.