Monday, August 24, 2020

Export an Audio Clip as a File - Pro Tools

To export an audio "clip" as a "file" in Pro Tools you must first "consolidate" the clip then export it. Export multiple clips at once by selecting all the clips you want to export.

  • Select the clip.
Selected clip within a Pro Tools track.
  • Press and hold down the SHIFT + Alt + 3 keys on your keyboard to consolidate the clip. You know a clip has been consolidated when you can no longer shorten or lengthen it with the "Trim Tool".
  • Press and hold down the Shift + Ctrl + K keys to open the "Export Selected" window. See image below.
Export Selected Window in Avid Pro Tools
  • Choose the "File Type" you want to export to. Use .Wav if you are not sure.
  • "Format" In most cases use multiple Mono for mono tracks like drum hits, mono guitar or vocal parts. Interleaved for clips like stereo keyboard parts.
  • Choose the "Bit Depth" and "Sample Rate" to export as. If you're not sure export at 24 Bit and 48kHz.
  • Select the "Destination Directory" that you want to save to.
  • Left click on the "Export" button.