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Create A System Repair Disk

This is a continuation of my tutorial on how to "Create A Drive Image". You need the Windows "System Repair Disk" to restore a Windows drive image to your computer. The system repair disc can also be used to troubleshoot other common computer problems including failing system memory (RAM).

Have you arrived to this tutorial without first reading how to " Create A Drive Image" ? To begin at this point in the tutorial:

Windows 7 users:
  1. Put a CD or DVD into your optical drive
  2. Click the Windows "Start" button.
  3. Type the word "system" into the Windows search box.
  4. Click "Create a system repair disk" at the top of the menu.
  5. Skip to step 1. below.
Those of you who are continuing from my tutorial "Create A Drive Image":
  • Click "Yes" to create the system repair disk.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow to choose the optical drive you will use.
  2. Insert a CD or DVD (whatever media your drive supports).
  3. Click the "Create disk" button.

A progress meter will appear while the system repair disk is created and written/burned to your CD or DVD. If this process fails you can create a system repair disk independently at some other time. For example in Windows 7 you can:
  • Click the "Start button".
  • Type "create system repair disk" in the search box.
  • Click "Create a System Repair Disk" at the top of the menu.

It is important to label the system repair disk. The system repair disk will NOT work with every computer. It will only work for the version of Windows you have installed. For example, Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP are available in both "32-bit and 64-bit versions. The version of Windows you have is indicated on this last dialog box (see image below) of the Create a System Repair Disk process.

An additional way to check your version of Windows is:

Windows 7 users:
  • Left click the Windows "Start button".
  • Right click "Computer"
  • Left click "Properties".

Look under the "System" heading. Whether you have a 32 bit or 64 bit system is listed to the right of the "System type:" heading.

Read my tutorial "How To Use The Windows System Repair Disk" to learn how to restore a drive/system image to your computer.