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This tutorial describes how to make a "password reset disk" for a computer running Microsoft's Windows operating system. The password reset disk can restore full access to your files and computer account if a password is forgotten. Other methods of resetting a password can cause you to loose access to your files. Having a backup of the passwords needed to access your computer/s can save you time, frustration and money. Have a great day! Tom

Are you a home computer user or the go-to computer person in the family? Are you that lucky person who manages the computers for a SOHO business (small office or home office) ? Eventually you or someone you manage a computer for will forget their password and be locked out of their computer. In my experience people usually forget their password within the first couple of minutes from the time they change it. Having a backup of the passwords needed to access your computer/s can save you time, frustration and money. Creating a password reset disk takes less than 3 minutes.

Why Is This Important To You?

Events that have a negative impact on a computer user will usually occur at the worst possible time. Minimizing the impact of a forgotten password is especially important if you operate a home or small business. Imagine loosing access to a computer that holds essential business data, banking, accounting or payroll processing information, customer or vendor contact management applications or databases and spreadsheets. Having a password reset disk will reduce the potential negative impact of a forgotten password. This tutorial shows how to create a password reset disk on a computer running Microsoft's Windows version 7. You can create password reset disks for other versions of windows using a similar process.

Before We Begin

To continue this tutorial you need some type of removable media. A USB flash or similar drive is preferred or a floppy disk. You must be logged into the computer and account you want to make the password reset disk for. You need to use the password reset process for each account on a computer you want to backup. The password reset disk allows anyone who gains access to the reset information to reset the password to the account it is created for.

We will protect the password reset data by encrypting it using the FREE encryption software called AxCrypt. If you are not familiar with AxCrypt please read my tutorial on how to use it. You will need to have AxCrypt installed to complete this tutorial. I suggest you use a "password manager" to create and store your AxCrypt and other passwords. The FREE "Password Agent Lite" can generate complex, strong passwords and store them for you. All the passwords you store in Password Agent Lite are encrypted and protected.

Begin The Tutorial:

  • Connect a USB drive or insert a floppy disk into it's drive.
  • Left click the Windows "Start" button (in the lower-left corner of your screen).
  • Find then left click on the "Control Panel"
  • Left click "User Accounts"
  • Left click the words "Create a password reset disk"
  • The "Forgotten Password Wizard" immediately begins. (See below).

Windows Forgotten Password Wizard step 1

  • Click the "Next" button ... Verify the drive you want to use is showing in the box (see image below). Use the drop down arrow and choose the correct drive if it is not showing.

Windows Forgotten Password Wizard step 2 - Create a Password Reset Disk

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