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Password Agent Lite is a FREE password manager. It allows you to securely store all your passwords, user IDs and account information in one place. You only have to enter one well chosen master password to gain access to all of your passwords and account information. Use Password Agent Lite's "password generator" to create complicated, hard to crack passwords. When you are not using Password Agent Lite your passwords are locked and protected with encryption.

Use Password Agent Lite's "password generator" to create:
  • passwords to protect online accounts
  • user names for new accounts
  • hard to guess answers to account or password reset security questions
  • wireless network passwords and much more

I've also written a tutorial you need to read that discusses how to create good passwords. The tutorial will help you determine whether the passwords you create with Password Agent Lite are good, strong passwords.

Password Agent Lite Tutorial

I've written the following tutorial to help you begin using Password Agent Lite.
  • Download and install Password Agent Lite.

Open/run Password Agent Lite then:

  1. Click "Create a new file" (located in the center of the program window). Password Agent Lite will create a single file it will use to store all of your records. Each file Password Agent Lite creates can store 25 records. Each record will allow you to store a password, username, notes specific to the entry, a Web site link, a title you create to identify the record and more.

  2. Type a name for the file (your first name will work) that will hold your passwords, etc. and choose a place to store it. Password Agent Lite automatically chooses to store the file in your "My Documents" folder. You could also store the file on a USB thumb/flash or other portable drive. This would allow you to bring your passwords with you. Password Agent Lite can be installed on and run from a portable drive. I discuss installation on a portable drive later in this tutorial.
  3. Choose a master password. You will need to enter this password to gain access to the list of account entries (records) that hold your individual passwords, usernames, notes. Using Password Agent Lite you only need to remember one password instead of individual passwords for each account or service you use. You can change the master password (click "File" then "Change Master Password..."), but you will need to know the current password to do so. Read my tutorial to review how to create good passwords.

Adding New Account Entries

Let's begin adding new usernames, passwords and account information to Password Agent Lite. To create a new account entry/record:
  • Click on the yellow note with the green plus sign (circled below in red).

password agent lite tool bar

The "Account Properties" page will open (see image below). Type a title for this record and a username/ID. A unique password is automatically created for you. You can also add a note and a link to the Web site or resource. Clicking the "Browse link" or "Test link" button (circled in red below) will automatically open your Internet browser and take you directly to the Web site or resource.

properties tab of password agent lite

On the image above, look to the right of the "Password:" field/box. Clicking on the magic wand image opens the "Password Generator" (see image below). The password generator can be used to create random, unique passwords. You can manipulate various aspects of the password that is created. You can alter the length, what characters and numbers to include for each password created.

password generator of password agent lite

I suggest you create at least 16 character passwords for online/internet based accounts. You DO NOT have to type your passwords when you log in to an account. You can use Password Agent Lite's autofill feature to automatically fill in the username and password fields to login to an account.

Click the "Options" button then select "Save all settings as defaults for new passwords" and your choices become the default the next time you create a new record/account or use the "Password Generator". Click the "Generate" button to create a new password then the "OK" button to save it.

Password Agent's autofill feature does not work on all web sites. If autofill does not work you can "copy" and then "paste" the username and password into any password protected web site or resource. What do I mean by "copy" and then "paste"? Here are some examples to help you understand and use these basic, but useful concepts.

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